Living Your Purpose – Ocala 2015

Ocala National Golf Course entrance

March 30, 2015 at the Ocala National. This inspiring and educational evening will feature Dr. Jenny Susser, Dr. Patrick Handley and Lauren Barwick. You can expect a night full of heartfelt learning, which will enlighten and inspire you, filling you with laughter while touching you deeply. Be prepared to learn how to overcome roadblocks; recognize the best in yourself; and find ways to define your life purpose. Limited VIP seating is available. … [Read more...]

Rehoming For Life Workshop in Petaluma, CA

Jen Reid

May 16 & 17, 2015...This event will be held at the Sonoma Equine Rescue, Rehab and Adoption (SERRA) facility. Rehoming For Life Workshops are intensive courses focusing on Natural Horsemanship Skills, Parelli Program Knowledge and Specialty Business Learning. These workshops are held specifically for staff and volunteers at horse rehoming organizations who want to learn about improved safety and helping horses overcome many of the challenges they face when finding a new home. … [Read more...]

Upper Midwest Rally Roundup

Kristi Smith

August 1st & 2nd, 2015 in Lindstrom, MN This is THE learning event of the year! Join NINE+ Parelli Professionals for two days for a “create-your-own-clinic”! Each day will feature over 20 different sessions from which to choose and to create your own custom learning experience! Classes range from Parelli beginners through level 4, with so much in between. Come for the fun, the laughter, and the learning! … [Read more...]

“In the Kitchen with Linda Parelli” Fundraiser


September 15-17, 2015 ... This is the essence of Linda Parelli and if it speaks to your heart as well, you’ll want to know about this highly exclusive, once-in-a lifetime opportunity: Be up close and personal with Linda as she trains her own super-horses and proteges, take part in deep discussions and simulations, and then create, cook and eat with Linda in her home kitchen! … [Read more...]

Getting All Horses to “Behave Like Jake”

Special K Ranch Logo

The Special K Ranch in Montana thought it had a one in a million horse when Jake arrived. Imagine their surprise when they found out they could get all of their horses to “behave like Jake.” All it took was a little help from the Parelli Education Institute. … [Read more...]

Looking forward and celebrating our accomplishments

Parelli Education Institute

2015 is already shaping up as an exciting year for the Parelli Education institute. But you can’t know where you’re going unless you understand your past. In 2014, we accomplished so much and have so many people to thank for their time, talent and treasure. We think you’ll be impressed! … [Read more...]

Thinking About a Charitable Donation?


Want to make this world a better place for horses and humans? Supporting the work of the nonprofit, 501(c) 3 Parelli Education Institute just got easier! You can now donate items as well as make financial contributions to the Institute while you’re online. Yes, it’s that easy! The Institute has an iDonate feature on the website so you can quickly and easily make donations. … [Read more...]

Rehoming For Life Workshop

Kbaar profile_opt

Calling all staff and volunteers at horse rehoming organizations! If you want to learn about improving safety and helping horses overcome many of the challenges they face when finding a new home, the Parelli Education Institute has a workshop for you. This intensive course will focus on natural horsemanship skills, Parelli program knowledge and specialty business learning. … [Read more...]

2015 Courses Released!

2015 Graph Only

The Parelli Education Institute is excited to announce our 2015 Course Schedule.  We are even more excited to announce that Campus Courses are returning back to the East Coast, on the Ocala, Florida Campus!  These courses are in addition to a full schedule of courses on our Pagosa Springs, Colorado Campus. We will be offering from 1-week through 10-week courses throughout the year, from Beginning Level 1 through Level 4+ topics.  The course titles are too many to list, but … [Read more...]

What will YOU get out of attending a Rally?

Much more than you might anticipate! Check out this great story written by Janet Johns after last year’s Texas Parelli Rally Roundup. The message for everyone is: no matter what your skill level, don’t hesitate about attending a rally because you will come away with a renewed sense of confidence and connection with your horse! We guarantee Janet’s story will inspire you. … [Read more...]