Foals to First Rides Forum 2014

Foals to First Rides

This event will be hosted at the Atwood Ranch in Red Bluff, California on Saturday and Sunday, May 3 & 4, 2014.This is an exclusive chance to watch Pat Parelli and his team play with young horses … learn about foals, weaning, early handling, all the way to the first saddling. See full details about Foals to First Rides. View/download the PDF flier. Register for this event below. PRICING Single Day $200.00 Both Days * $300.00 Saturday Night … [Read more...]

Marilee Donovan Named Programs Director

Marilee Donovan

The Parelli Education Institute has appointed Marilee Donovan as the Programs Director for the Institute. In her new role, Marilee will work closely with the volunteer coordinators running the horse welfare, therapeutic horsemanship and youth horsemanship programs. Donovan has been a longtime volunteer for the Institute, working in the horse welfare area as well as in leadership training and strategic planning.  She and her husband have a small farm in Brush Prairie, … [Read more...]

New Horsenality/Humanality Course Scheduled

Patrick and Linda

We are very excited to announce the newly scheduled Horsenality/Humanality course, taught by Linda Parelli and Dr. Patrick Handley. This course combines classroom sessions with visits to watch Horsenality in action with Linda's amazing horses. We would like to share this short video from the Florida course with you, so that you can get an idea of what to expect - Patrick is playing a Left Brain Introvert human and Linda a Right Brain Introvert horse - can anyone relate??? … [Read more...]

Scholarship Opportunity!

Olympic rider

A generous Parelli Education Institute supporter has again funded the "Horsemanship to the Gold" scholarship fund for 2014! The selection criteria ideal is a horseman who is a male, under the age of 30, a Utah resident, with aspirations to go to the Olympics in an equine event. The scholarship is for up to $10,000 towards any Parelli Education Institute course for which the student meets the pre-requisite criteria, and pending course availability. Funds may be applied to both … [Read more...]

A Few Words from Seth Burgess, Your New Team Coordinator


Greetings Everyone, I was out for a walk in my "horsey" neighborhood this week and thinking about how to introduce myself as Team Coordinator for the Institute.  On my walk, I ran into a group of neighboring horses also out for a stroll. As I approached, the lead mare said "Hi Parelli."  I said, "I'm not Parelli."  She said, "Yes you are.  You're part of that team that is making the world a better place for horses and humans." "We equines instinctively know that if … [Read more...]

Advice from an Expert: College Degrees and Equine Careers


There are lots of good reasons to attend a college or university, but impressing a potential employer in the horse industry with your degree may not be one of them. In general, horse industry employers are much more concerned with practical experience than with a college degree.If you are interested in being a vet tech, veterinarian, or college level instructor, a degree is most likely required. But, if you want to work hands-on with horses in jobs such as a trainer, riding … [Read more...]

Riding with Confidence – Special Guest!

Dr. Jenny Susser

** Just added - Special Guest, Dr. Jenny Susser ** Dr. Jenny Susser is a Sports Psychologist, and was recently named the USEF Team Sport Psychologist and was honored to work with the 2012 Olympic Dressage Team in their preparations for the London Olympics. Dr. Jenny has been holding 2-day Riding with Confidence clinics throughout the U.S., and will now be appearing during the Parelli Education Institute Riding with Confidence course! During her recent appearance at the … [Read more...]


Pat & Linda Parelli

Ride with Linda and Pat Parelli to raise $10,000 each for Mesa Verde Foundation and Parelli Education Institute. Twenty riders will have an opportunity to ride the historic Mesa with world renowned Horsemen Linda and Pat Parelli. The ride will occur on June 12, 2014 at Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado with world renowned Horsemen Linda and Pat Parelli. Registration is nearly full Contact Ride Manager Dan Rexroad at Cost: $1000 … [Read more...]

PEI Receives GuideStar “Gold Status”


The Parelli Education Institute has received GuideStar’s coveted “Gold Level” designation, meaning that the Institute has successfully provided a full array of information for public review, including strategy and mission statements, audited financial statements, and detailed program descriptions. “As an organization, we appreciate our donors and supporters, and we want them to know that we are always striving to be a well-run organization,” said Parelli Education … [Read more...]

Parelli Education Institute Campus Positions Available

PEI Lodge

Summer is quickly approaching and the Parelli Education Institute is now looking for “a few good people” for the following positions for the summer season in Colorado.  These positions are available through the Parelli Education Institute.  If you are interested please contact Campus Operations Manager, Mary Lou Johnson at  Please include a brief work history/resume. Facility Crew Leader – this position reports directly to the Campus … [Read more...]