Advanced Courses: Become a Horseman, USA


Fast Track

July 1-26, 2013 Pagosa Springs, Colorado – Registration Closed

Aug 19-Sept 13, 2013  Pagosa Springs, Colorado 2013 Application (PDF) | Register now!



Regular – $5,495 USD

(must be paid in full by July 19, 2013 for the August Fast Track)

All Courses at Pagosa Springs, Colorado Campus

Designed specifically for confident Level 3 or above students who want to accelerate achievement of Level 4 and who may have professional goals in the Parelli community.

This is a “course in independence,” teaching you how to plan and take charge of your own horsemanship progress and achievements.

The four-week program weaves all four Savvys together and teaches you how to manage your horse’s development in each area. You will be taught how to set specific training goals and  measure progress, and then will be tracked and mentored through daily and weekly goal reviews and specially targeted workshops.

You’ll learn how to be resourceful, accountable and be a lateral thinker, which are exactly the skills you need in order to achieve Level 4 and fulfill the prerequisites to become Parelli Professional.

If you want to become a Parelli Professional, this is a graded course, and your final score will be considered part of your application to the Parelli Professionals Instructor Course and/or Extern program.

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