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Imagine spending 1, 2 or 4 weeks in a learning environment where your sole focus is on you and your horse! Study with like-minded students from all over the world, as you are guided through a proven curriculum. Our courses are led by some of the best Instructors in the world, on a campus solely designed for your education. The information that you learn during your course is sure to challenge you and help you grow, long after you have returned home.


Riding with Confidence



June 23-July 4, 2014, Pagosa Springs, CO

Lead Instructor:  4-Star Senior Instructor and Horse Development Specialist, Tina Giordano

Special Guest:  Dr. Jenny Susser!

Prerequisites: Official Level 1 graduate, or equivalent

Don’t let lack of experience or fear keep you from living your dreams of riding your horse. This course is all about confidence. You will learn the strategies and techniques that you and your horse need to help ensure safe rides. Opportunities to ride during the course will be available as you are ready, but the course will strongly focus on giving you the strategies you need once you return home.

Dr. Jenny Susser is a Sports Psychologist, and was recently named the USEF Team Sport Psychologist and was honored to work with the 2012 Olympic Dressage Team in their preparations for the London Olympics.  Dr. Jenny has been holding 2-day Riding with Confidence clinics throughout the U.S., and will now be appearing during the Parelli Education Institute Riding with Confidence course!

During her recent appearance at the Horsenality/ Humanality course this February, she impacted many students with her presentation on strategies for dealing with fear, leaving many to ask for MORE!    During her recent trip to Canada for a Riding with Confidence clinic with Parelli Professionals Todd and Maureen Owens, Larry Bonehill of “The Horse’s Eye” visited and we would like to share the video HERE.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to study with 4-Star Senior Instructor Tina Giordano, and Dr. Jenny to overcome the hurdles that you may be facing while riding.  This class will be limited to 15 participants, ensuring a safe, intimate learning experience.

Tuition:  $3,195 USD  –  Sign up early for tuition discounts and to guarantee your spot!  Only $1,995 until December 23, 2013, and $2,395 until March 23, 2014!

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Advance – Have Fun – Try – Focus – Grow!


Western Performance with Pat Parelli – Participants and Auditors Welcome!

Pat Teaching WP

July 21-25, 2014, Pagosa Springs, CO (check in will be July 20)

Lead Instructor:  Master Horseman, Master Horse Development Specialist, and Founder of Parelli Natural Horsemanship, Pat Parelli

Prerequisites: Official On Line and Freestyle Level 4 graduate, or equivalent, or have relevant Western Performance experience

Most people think you can’t apply the natural approach of training through psychology to performance, but of course you can!  There are two ways to train horses, mechanically or through psychology.  Using mechanics you use pressure and repetition to teach the horse to respond to various cues. PEI236web Through psychology, you get it to be the horse’s idea so he can work with you as a partner and really enjoy the experience too!

Over the last few years, Pat has gone back into the western performance world to compete and prove that his approach works and, he has been very successful.  Even better, he’s identified a huge gap that exists between the professionals and top
competitors and those who are beginning or intermediate in the sport, and of course he started offering help while at the competitions.  This is what fueled his desire to start offering courses to horsemanship students who are looking to branch out into the competitive world for fun and growth.

If you are getting a bit bored and need aPEI284web new focus for continued growth in your horsemanship… are interested in Western Performance…. have competitive goals (recreational or ambitious), this course is exactly what will wake up your results and new, fun future.  It will help you understand the inner secrets of training horses and stay true to the Parelli approach you believe in.




Course Content includes:

- Using psychology in training

- How to cause it to be the horse’s idea

- The incredible value of giving horses a job or responsibility

- Herding, separating, sorting and cutting cows

- How cow-work is the basis of Reining

- Learn and improve Reining maneuvers through purpose

- Ground skills that apply to the sport of cutting, reining and cow-working

- Mock competitions:  learn what it feels like to compete and have fun doing it!

- Success secrets of competing:  how to get your horse calm, connected, responsive and successful

- Improving scores, its the little things you need to know

This is one of the very rare courses Pat Parelli teaches personally so get ready to learn more than you think is even possible!  This is a post Level 4 course, broaching Level 5, but even if you are not Level 4, this is going to help you move towards that goal even faster… this is because you are studying directly with Pat Parelli, so he will definitely stretch you while improving your foundation, and the purpose driven course will give you more scope and depth.

2013 Course Testimonials:

“In only 5 days, I learned how to gather cows, how to sort ‘em, how to cut.  The learning was great fun, my horse changed so much during the week”

“This course gave me exactly what I needed to advance my performance goals.  I really got a lot out of how everything progressed!”

“This course helped me go places I wouldn’t go as confidently or quickly on my own.  The course was logical, planned, and delivered as promised in the introduction and set ups.  I want to come again!”


Rider Tuition $4,995 USD – Apply early for tuition discounts!  Only $2,995 if you apply by September 30, 2013 or are an Official Level 4 Graduate, and $3,995 if you apply by December 31, 2013! 

Please note: There will be an application/selection process for all rider positions. Applications are due no later then February 21, 2014. Riders will be selected by February 28, 2014. Upon submission of your application, you will receive a “Student Mirror” for completion, which will be used during the selection process.

Auditor Tuition:  $750 USD  –  Sign up early for tuition discounts and to guarantee your spot!  Only $500 until January 21, 2014, and $625 until April 21, 2014!

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Journey Towards Level 4


August 11-September 4, 2014, Pagosa Springs, CO

Lead Instructor:  4-Star Senior Instructor and Horse Development Specialist, Nita Jo Rush

Prerequisites: Official Level 2 graduate or above, or equivalent

This series of courses is designed to escalate your journey towards Level 4, through the study of each of the Savvys. Pick the weeks/Savvys where you need the most direction, or enroll in all 4 weeks for an intensive Education Vacation that you and your horse will never forget!

While the information presented will be Level 4, Focus Stations and Guided experimentation time will allow students to work on the specific components they need to progress, whether playing in Level 3 or Level 4.

Tuition for all 4 weeks:  $5,695 USD  –  Sign up early for tuition discounts and to guarantee your spot!  Only $3,595 until February 11, 2014, and $4,295 until May 11, 2014!

Tuition for individual weeks:  $2,095 USD  –  Sign up early for tuition discounts and to guarantee your spot!  Only $1,295 until February 2014, and $1,595 until May 2014! (these prices expire on the 11th for the On Line course, the 18th for the Freestyle course, the 25th for the Liberty course, and Feb 28th and May 31st for the Finesse course)

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August 25-29 – Liberty – Check in will be August 24       Register On Line
August 31 (Sunday)-September 4 – Finesse  – Check in will be August 30    Register On Line

Competed 2014 Courses

Horsenality/Humanality with Linda Parelli and Patrick Handley

Patrick and Linda

Lead Instructors:  Master Instructor, Master Horseman, and developer of the Horsenality Profile, Linda Parelli;  Licensed psychologist, personality assessment expert, and founder and director of the Insight Institute, Dr. Patrick Handley

Prerequisites: Desire to better understand you and your horse, to further your relationship

Spend 5 special days with Linda Parelli and psychologist, Dr. Patrick Handley, exploring Horsenality and Humanality in depth.  Intensive self discovery of your strengths, and unleashing of your potential in all your relationships.  (with your horse, other people, and with yourself.)  This course is ideal for family members (teen or adult children) and couples who want to enhance their communications and relationships with each other. Some sessions will focus on Horsenality with trips to Linda’s barn where you’ll get to observe horses and learn directly from Linda Parelli about how she identifies horses by their behavior. Plus you’ll watch her coach some of her top students on how to match their Humanality with the horses’s Horsenality to select the appropriate training and timing.  You’ll learn in a variety of settings including: classroom seminar, small break-outs groups, and horse field trips.  This course is perfect for both horse lovers and your non-horsey friends.


Advanced Liberty – Participants and Auditors Welcome!


Lead Instructor:  5-Star Master Instructor, Horse Development Specialist, and recently returned from his 2013 North American “Horses At Liberty” Tour, David Lichman

Assisting Instructor:  5-th Generation circus horse trainer, Katja Schumann

Prerequisites for Participants: Official Level 4 Liberty, or equivalent (video submission required if prerequisite is not met).

Prerequisites for Auditors:  Open to all students looking to study Advanced Liberty!

Spend 2 weeks exploring the art of Liberty beyond Level 4, ending in a class Liberty performance at the Campus Open House on Saturday, June 14th!  Learn what is possible, as 5-Star Master Instructor David Lichman guides the class during thisKatja special opportunity.  Participating horses should “play well with others”, as multiple horses will be played with together, and sometimes in close proximity.

We are pleased to announce that Katja Schumann, 5th generation circus horse trainer, will be assisting David Lichman in teaching this course.  A native of Denmark, Katja began performing at age 3, and after a successful career with Circus Schumann, she toured the East Coast of the United states for 25 years with the Big Apple Circus.  She is one of the most highly skilled liberty and high school artists in the world today, AND she is a Parelli student!!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to study with David and one of his mentors – don’t miss it!  Watch David’s interviews with Katja here: (A beautiful example of Katja’s amazing multiple liberty horse talents at 16:07)