Pathway to Professional: Option 2, USA

Extern Program

May 20-August 9, 2013 Pagosa Springs, Colorado Apply now! (PDF) | Register now!

Tuition: $10,800USD

Acceptance into the Extern Program is by application/selection process.

Limited spaces are still available for the 2013 Externship.   A $150 non-refundable application fee applies.

This course is specifically for students with high goals such as becoming a Parelli Professional Instructor, Horse Development Specialist, and/or who wish to manage or own a facility. This course is 12 weeks in length and is a qualifying course for the Intern Program. Your performance in the Extern program, as well as additional Star-rating testing, and approval by the Parelli Instructor Board will determine if you graduate with 1-Star or 2-Star status, as well as qualification to advance to the Internship. The Externship is a prerequisite for entrance into the Intern progam.

Intern Program

June 24-August 2 Pagosa Springs, Colorado  Apply now! | Register now!

August 12-September 20, 2013 Pagosa Springs, Colorado Apply now! | Register now!

Tuition: $5400USD per 6-week module

Acceptance into the Instructor Intern Program is by application/selection process.

Limited spaces are still available for the 2013 Internships.  $150 non-refundable application fee applies.

The Intern curriculum is designed to assist you towards becoming a Licensed Parelli 3-Star Instructor. Successful completion of all prerequisites and testing qualifies you to apply to the Parelli Instructor Board for consideration of a 3-Star status.

Successful completion of the Intern Program is based on completing a standard set of tasks and skills demonstration. Intern participation is in 6-week modules, with the number of modules required for program completion varying from student to student. For example, a highly talented, experienced Instructor may graduate after participating in just one 6-week module, while a more inexperienced student may do multiple 6-week modules before graduating.

Other Course Information