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for Florida Therapeutic Workshop
Due to low registration for the workshop in Florida, we have taken this opportunity to try something new. See below …
NEW WORKSHOP: The first ever Parelli Education Institute’s Equine Therapy and Learning Workshop will be held outside of Asheville, NC Nov 1-2, 2014. The conference will be Mental Health/Learning focused with time spent on integrating the 7 Games, Horsenality, and other Parelli Philosophy and Principles into a Mental Health and Learning intervention. The event is for all interested, from novice to highly experienced: Equine Assisted Mental Health Professionals, Equine Assisted Learning Professionals, Licensed Parelli Professionals, Program Volunteers, Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy programs looking to step into EAP/EAL (while retaining their commitment to positive, progressive and natural principles!); all are welcome! A special segment will focus on the use of Parelli concepts in working with Military Veterans. Other populations & issues addressed will include At-Risk Youth, Addiction/Recovery and Complex Trauma. The dates are November 1-2, Sat-Sun (will close by 4pm Sunday).

The venue will be the internationally recognized leader in the field of Equine Therapeutic Practices, Horse Sense of the Carolinas in Marshall NC. Shannon Knapp, M.A., EAGALA Advanced, TF-EAP Trainer will teach alongside Richard Knapp, EAGALA Certified & Parelli Level 3.

COURSE IS FULL. Please email Brenda Wieland at blwieland@gmail.com to have your name put on the waiting list for this event.

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Helping to support staff, volunteers, and disabled individuals in building their horsemanship skills.

I just returned from the PATH conference in Orlando. I was asked by Richard and Shannon Knapp to be on call for the gaps in the arena. I was happy to help but had no idea what a powerful experience it would be. Your connection with your horses brought me to tears! I am so humbled by the dance that I witnessed with you and your horses. I just wanted to let you know that you were the talk of the conference. Everyone wanted to know how you connected so intimately with your horses. Parelli is new to most of PATH. It is such a life changer and I am so grateful that you demonstrated it so brilliantly. You made me cry …a good cry. I am going home to study more Parelli to deepen the relationship with our program horses. I want to talk the same language that you have learned. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

With Blessings,
Debbie Anderson
Strides to Success

Parkinson Awarded 2013 D Rich Gaited Horse Versatility Scholarship

Jeannie Parkinson’s brother hooked her on the Parelli way when he took her out to his pasture to show her some “cool things” he could do with his horse. He had been dabbling with the Parelli program for a few years. This encounter awakened her childhood dream of desperately wanting a horse.
As a little girl, she had prayed every night that a horse would be in her yard in the morning. While that dream never came to pass, her neighbors graciously allowed her to hang around their horses and that had sufficed – for awhile.

Parkinson instantly fell in love with the Parelli program, thanks to her older brother’s encouragement, reigniting her desire to have a horse. But she faced one problem. She had to figure out a way to fit a horse into her city slicker lifestyle. College, a marriage, and raising her children had taken top priority. But, with strong determination, she managed to purchase her first horse – at age 40.

Parkinson’s horse of choice? A Missouri Foxtrotter – the smooth gaits and her easy going temperament were all it took to convince her this was the horse – her horse. Ashley. Immediately, she and Ashley became involved in the Parelli program. Parkinson’s love for the program grew as they completed each task. She grew confident in the bond that was growing between herself and her horse.

“I began to notice how Ashley seemed so glad to see me every day.”

But, life happens. With the passing of time and normal life interruptions, Parkinson became frustrated with the slowing of progress with her horse.

On a cold January day, she acted impulsively. Visiting the Parelli website, she signed up for the fast track. She had no idea of how she was going to pay for it, but at that moment, she knew that she would give the program her all. How to pay for it? That would come later. She and her horse began to progress in their journey through the fast track and their bond grew with their knowledge.

One of the most rewarding moments with her horse happened when a friend who owned a video production company asked Parkinson if she had any unusual ideas for photographing her riding Ashley. They decided to head out to Utah Lake with the thought of the pair riding through the water bridleless and bareback. It was a very cold October day, but Parkinson trusted that Ashley would be calm and connected with her requests.

Jeannie ParkinsonThe photo shoot was magical. All that was asked of Ashley, she gave with exuberance and cooperation. The final result – a beautiful backdrop of snow on the mountains and riding on the beach – bareback and bridleless – with a breathless connection.

After completing the fast track of the Parelli program, Parkinson was convinced of one thing. She wanted to help others continue their journey, especially those working with gaited horses. She saw their frustration in trying to interface the stereotyped beliefs regarding gaited horses with the expectations of the Parelli program. She knew first-hand that gaited horses could succeed with the Parelli tenets. Parkinson began studying gaited horses more intensely.

And she did something else. She applied for the Parelli 2013 Externship program, again with no idea of how to pay for it. Fortunately, a generous benefactor, Dan Richards, had seen the work of the Parelli program, developed a deep appreciation of it, and contacted the Institute to see how he could help in promoting the Parelli way. The result – the establishment of the D Rich Gaited Horse Versatility Scholarship. Parkinson applied immediately and was awarded the $1500 Scholarship. She would be able to participate in the Externship program.

Parkinson is already paying it forward with what she has learned from her experience in the Parelli Externship program. She has volunteered to coordinate the gaited horse Parelli program in Utah. She hopes to show gaited horse riders that they don’t need to feel limited by stereotyped images of their horses in the Parelli Levels program. It is possible to teach the gaited horse to be balanced and straight. The gaits will come but the foundation has to be there first.

Parkinson is also volunteering as an equine specialist for 2-4 hours per week at an Equine Assisted Therapy program in Salt Lake City, Utah with Jolene McDowell’s program. She is amazed at how the troubled clients learn to communicate with the horses, opening lines of communication during the counseling sessions, and how the clients bond with their horses, developing trust – perhaps for the first time in their lives.

“My gratitude is overflowing for the direction Parelli Natural Horsemanship has given me in my life. The philosophies for life outside of horses are far-reaching. The program is much more than a horse training program for me. It is also a very powerful “people” training program.”

Lauren Barwick, 4-Star Senior InstructorHorses are increasingly used as facilitators in variety of therapies. They provide fun, rhythmic exercise for children with physical and learning disabilities, help veterans cope with post-traumatic stress disorder, and offer teens a way to improve their communication and social skills without passing judgment or leveraging peer pressure.

The Institute will provide and fund education for therapeutic horsemanship program staff and volunteers, and support opportunities for individuals with disabilities to build their horsemanship skills.

“Horses are dang good therapy for people.”Pat Parelli

Dressage Paralympian Lauren Barwick at the
2014 Parelli Natural Horsemanship “Future of HorseManShip Tour” stop in Perry, GA

More than a Mirror

Morethanmirror_smallShannon Knapp has just completed her most recent book, More Than a Mirror: Horses, Humans and Therapeutic Practices, specifically addressing the role of the horse in EAP/EAL practices, and the role(s) of the Horse Professional. Shannon is EAGALA Advanced Certified, a Parelli Level 2 graduate and is the author of the book, Horse Sense Business Sense, Volume 1, an introduction to starting and running your own Horse Therapy & Learning practice, as well as numerous other resources for Horse Therapy & Learning practices. In addition, Shannon is a Graduate Advisor for Prescott College’s Equine Assisted Learning Masters program, & offers consulting services to those interested in starting their own Horse Therapy & Learning business.